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FlxeRule Server is a product that allows you to manage, deploy and execute your business rules and decisions in a SOA platform. It lets you to deploy business rules and decisions with a single click deployment method and expose them as a WEB API interface to be consumed by others.


On premise

In this section we give you an instruction about installation of FlexRule Server. To know more on installation instruction please continue on FlexRule Server Installation Guide

After running installer Two wizard will be launched, one after another.

  1. License Registration: A wizard that helps you to register your account with us and download your Free Trial license
  2. Configurator:A utility that helps you to configure each Master and Execution Agent node for FlexRule Server

Read More on Installation Guide

On Cloud

Learn more how to install on Azure?

Running Server

In this section you read on how you can run FlexRule Server, Generally there are two ways of running them:

  1. Run as Windows Console
  2. Run as Windows Service

Read More on Running Server

Building and Deploying Package

To build a package you need to use FlexRule Designer Publisher plugin. You can use the FlexRule Designer user interface or use it as a command line.

To know how to build a package please refer to bellow:

  1. Building a Decision Module
  2. Service Deployment Hints

Time-based Scheduling

Scheduler will be used when you want to run different version of Services in different time frames.

Learn more about logic scheduling

Concept and Architecture

FlexRule Server will create a cluster of different Master and Agent nodes and you can manage and monitor them.

Learn more about concepts and architecture

Configuration File

You can read more on different options and configuration section of FlexRule Server.

Read More about configuration file


Everything is FlexRule Server creates an event. The event-driven architecture of FlexRule Server allows you to subscribe to events and do interesting task. i.e., Monitoring, Autid, etc.

Learn more about FlexRule Server Events


FlexRule Server also installs an administration and monitoring web-based application.

Read More about Workbench


FlexRule Server provides API for different purposes:

  1. Authorization
  2. Execution
  3. Monitoring and Health
  4. Management


  1. Upload your your Default Sample Car-Insurance Decision Package
  2. Manage your Package Ownership
  3. Testing the hosted decision
  4. Adding database config to package
  5. Configure Server Scheduler