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Rule commands

Each specific rule logic is designed and implemented to answer to specific requirements. Based on the need and the logic you may choose different logic and make them interact with each other.

See also: Rule reusability


When a procedural logic is required these set of commands can be used. Procedural logic are like:

  • Accessing object's value and properties
  • Calling a method
  • Conditions e.g. If-ElseIf-Then logic
  • Iterations e.g. While, Loop..
  • Inter-link execution
Check Procedural commands

Validation and Decision

If eligibility for a decision is a question to answer this logic can be used. This is a way of modeling your rules, decisions and logic in a structural way.

Check Validation commands

Decision Table

If eligibility for a decision is a question to answer this logic can be used. This logic is very similar to Validation but with the extended functionality on Agenda driven result and conflict resolution strategy.

Check Decision table commands


If orchestration of logic execution is required, Flow can be used. You can express the orchestration to execute multiple different type of logic. It can be used as a Decision flow, Procedure flow, ... or mixed of all of the available logic types.

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This is a specific type of Flow that can handle long running business transactions. It supports hydrate, dehydrate and persistent store out-of-the-box.

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These commands can be used to send a feedback to executing application during the logic execution.

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Natural Language

Natural Language is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) that can be designed into your own business language to express rules

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