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Welcome to the FlexRule Knowledge Center

In this wiki site we will provide more information about rule commands and API details, as well as publishing walk-through articles and step-by-step guides. Please read the wiki and if you still cannot find the answer, please contact us at

Procedural Rules
  1. Simple discount sample using Procedural engine
  2. How to create and manipulate objects and their members? e.g. properties, methods...
  3. Conditions and flow control
  4. Communicate to host
Validation Rules
  1. Introduction to validation rules
  2. Validating hierarchy (Inheritance relation)
  3. Validating association (Aggregation, Composition)
  4. Validation rule execution and collecting results
  5. Pass extra input values to validation rules
  6. Extending validation conditions and actions
  7. How to apply rules under some conditions
  8. Referencing commonly used logic
  9. Sample for Order processing validation logic
Decision Tables
  1. Introduction to decision table
  2. Preparing decision table
  3. Modeling decision table
  4. Decision Model and Notation - decision table
  5. Check overlaps
  6. Decision Table final logic
  7. Multilingual decision table
  8. Decision Table 101


  1. Decision Table Hello World
Information Requirement Diagram (IRD)
  1. Information Requirement Diagram
  2. Common cars tutorial
Flow and Workflow


  1. Modeling a Flow
  2. Flow Hello Word
  3. Database and Business Rules


  1. Modeling a Workflow
  2. Workflow Hello Word
  3. Workflow Lifecycle
  4. Workflow Managers
  5. Task Assignment
Natural Language
  1. Install Runtime for Designer
  2. Create a new rule project
  3. Debug default car insurance sample
  4. Customising flow editor
  5. Download Sample Projects
Web Editors
  1. Decision Table
  2. Natural Language
  3. Flow and Workflow
Debugging and Tracing

There are several ways FlexRule allows you to see rules and logic execution. Depending on the problem you are trying to solve, you may pick either of the options below:


  1. Introduction to debugging
  2. Debugging using Designer
  3. Debugging using code
  4. Debugging in Visual Studio
  5. Inspection Windows
    1. Parameters window
    2. Watch window
  6. Debugging Workflow


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