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Licenses are files that you need to download them online during installation of the product or ask out support team to give you a valid one in order to be able to use any of FlexRule products.

For each of the following product you need a separate license:

  1. FlexRule Runtime
  2. FlexRule Designer
  3. FlexRule Server

For FlexRule Runtime integration/development and deployment purposes you need two different licenses:

  1. Development license
  2. Environment/product license

For FlexRule Designer and FlexRule Server installation, each machine requires its own licenses.

Development Licenses

While developing your application in DEV environment, you need to use development licenses which are based on machine identifiers. Each development license will be bound to your machine identifier. If you change/refresh your machine, you probably need a new license again. Please just contact us and we will help you with your license.

Contacting support for license

If you want to contact support for receiving a valid license for your machine, unzip MachineIdGen.Zip file and use the software to generate a machine identifier for your machine.

If you don't have the file please download the machine identifier generator from the link bellow

After you generated a machine id using the downloaded utility ( send the identifier to

Generating Machine Id

Once you downloaded the MachineIdGen.Zip unzip it and you can see two different folders:

  • .Net 2.0
  • .Net 4.5

Depends on what Windows Operating System you use, you can run either of the MachineIdGen.Exe file inside either of those folders. When you run that, you see the bellow screen:


Then click on Generate button and you see the next screen:


  • If you have a account enter your FlexRule Login and password and press Login OR
  • Just press Anonymous button

Either ways, the software will generate an identifier for your machine and you will see the following screen:


Press Copy button and the identifier will be copied to your clipboard.

Now send an email to and include the generated identifier and ask for your license.

Environment Licenses

When integrating FlexRule Runtime into your own application, on deployment to different environments (e.g. QA, Test, Staging, UAT, Pre-Prod...) you need to use an environment license. This allows you to now worry about where you want to deploy your application. Environment licenses are not bound to any machine identifiers but are bound to keys.

There are two types of keys that either can be used:

  1. Strong name identity signing keys
  2. Assembly private name keys

Signing Key

For production and environment licenses, you need to sign you .NET assemblies that are executing the rules. In order to sign assembly please have a look at here.

Public Key Token from Assembly

When an assembly is signed, it is very simple to use the .NET Framework tools sn.exe to get the public key token.

  1. Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt
  2. Point to the dll’s folder you want to get the public key by the following command
sn –T assembly_file.dll

When you do run the command, then you will see the similar results to bellow output:

Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Strong Name Utility  Version 3.5.21022.8
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Public key token is b77a5c561934e089

Public Key Token from SNK

You can also extract a public token from SNK file.

First you need to extract your public key from your SNK file:

sn -p yourkey.snk publickey.snk

Then you need to generate public key token from the public key:

sn -tp publickey.snk

Assembly private name

Sometimes your they way you architected your application does not allow you to add strong name identity key to your assembly. In these cases you can use Assembly private name.

Install License


If you have used the online tool on the product installation wizard to download and activate your license, then the tool will install the license for your.


If you have a license file and would like to install it you just need to copy it into a specific folder depends on what product is the license for.

FlexRule Runtime

The license for FlexRule Runtime is called 'flexrule.license.lic'. When FlexRule Runtime is install it will create a folder name 'Framework'. Copy 'flexrule.license.lic' into the following path:


When you are trying to run FlexRule Runtime samples, make sure your licence file is copied to the following locations as well:

  1. [RuntimeInstalledPath]\Samples\Debug
  2. [RuntimeInstalledPath]\Samples\MVC Sales\FlexRule.Samples.Sales\UI.MVC\App_Data
  3. [RuntimeInstalledPath]\Samples\MVC Sales\FlexRule.Samples.Sales\UI.MVC\Bin

FlexRule Designer

The license for FlexRule Designer is called 'flexrule.designer.license.lic'. When FlexRule Designer is install it will create a folder name 'Bin'. Copy 'flexrule.designer.license.lic' into the following path:

[DesignerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Designer\Bin\FlexRule.Designer.License.Lic