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During execution FlexRule needs to find a licence file. You may receive different errors because the licence could not be loaded or it is not validated. The errors are found in two different groups:

  • Initialization error
  • Validity error

In order to make sure runtime can load the licence:

  1. Make sure your licence is valid
  2. Structure your project assemblies and licence file

Licence initialization errors

These errors occur when

  1. FlexRule could not locate or load your licence file
  2. Licence file is corrupted
  3. Licence file is in an invalid format

These errors come with an integer number error code. Here are some codes you may receive:

  • Error 30: Invalid license format or it is corrupted
  • Error 5: Indicates your licence could not be loaded, located
  • Error 70,75,80: Internet connection problem

Licence validity errors

You may receive these errors because your licence is not valid

  1. Your trial is finished
  2. Your machine specification has changed
  3. Licence is not for the right version you are using, etc.

These errors come with a GUID reference number. For more detailed information, please check Licence validation errors

Setup output folder

Setup your build output folder to make sure all Framework assemblies are available when you run your application.

Setup assembly with licence

The assembly that is referencing FlexRule libraries must also sign in with the licence. That is as simple as adding an assembly level attribute to your project AssemblyInfo.cs file.

Simply add the following definition to your AssemblyInfo.cs:

[assembly: FlexRule.License.LicenseProviderAttribute(typeof(FlexRule.License.FileBasedLicenseProvider))]