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Generate License

You can generate your license for:

  • FlexRule Runtime
  • FlexRule Designer
  • FlexRule Server


Download the latest version of My License Application Portal from below link:


By following below steps: 1. Unzip and Run FlexRule.MyLicenses.exe

GenerateLincense window.PNG

2. Enter the username and password of your registered FlexRule account.

GenerateLincense logins.PNG

3. Once the login is successful, you will be able to see your details.

GenerateLincense details.png

4. Select the subscription, Products you want to update with the license and the location to download license files.

GenerateLincense licenses.PNG

5. Once the licenses are downloaded you can see the files in the given location.

GenerateLincense files.png

6. Copy the files to the locations where you have installed each FlexRule product replacing the existing license files

Copy License Files

FlexRule Designer

The licence for FlexRule Designer is called 'flexrule.designer.license.lic'. When FlexRule Designer is installed, it will create a folder name 'Bin'. Copy 'flexrule.designer.license.lic' into the following path:

[DesignerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Designer\{version}\Bin\FlexRule.Designer.License.Lic
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Designer\8.0.66\Bin

FlexRule Server

The licence for FlexRule Server is called 'flexrule.server.license.lic'. When FlexRule Server is installed, it will create 2 main folders 'ExecAgent' and 'Master'. Copy the license file into both of the following paths:

[ServerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Server\{version}\ExecAgent\flexrule.server.license.lic
[ServerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Server\{version}\Master\flexrule.server.license.lic
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Server\4.0.12\ExecAgent
C:\Program Files (x86)\Pliant Framework\FlexRule Server\4.0.12\Master

FlexRule Runtime

The licence for FlexRule Server is called 'flexRule.license.lic'.

Version 7

When FlexRule Runtime is installed, it will create a folder name 'Framework'. Copy 'flexrule.license.lic' into the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pliant Framework\FlexRule\7.4.740\Framework

Version 8

Provide the downloaded license file path at,

Project --> Properties --> Runtime --> Runtime License Path

Designer Installation RunTImePth.png

Follow this link to get more information on Runtime and defining the Runtime license path.

Video Tutorial

YouTube link for the video:


1. Always ensure that you download the latest version of My License Application Portal.

2. If the error continues to happen, send the complete error to


3. If the support team asks for the machine ID, provide the Identifier as shown below.

GenerateLincense machineID troubleshoot.png