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Downloading FlexRule Runtime

FlexRule Designer requires FlexRule Runtime to execute and run a models. Once you want to create a new project you can follow the below instruction that shows you how to Download and Install the FlexRule Runtime.

1. Open FlexRule Designer and click on "New Project" or open an already created project

Designer Installation NewProject.png

2. Give a name and a path to the project.

Designer Installation NewProjectName.png

3. If you have installed a Runtime already, it will ask to update the settings. If you wish to update, click No

Designer Installation UpdateRuntimeSettings.png

4. Click on Properties to go to project properties

Designer Installation ProjectProperties.png

5. Click on Download FlexRule runtime NuGet under Runtime tab to download runtime

Designer Installation RunTImeNuget.png

6. Select the Runtime you want to download from the list of available runtimes. Also, enter the Path to Install

Designer Installation RunTImeSelection.png

7. Wait until the download finishes

Designer Installation RunTImeDownloading.png

8. Define the path to your FlexRule Runtime license file (flexrule.license.lic) under Runtime License Path

Designer Installation RunTImePth.png

9. Restart the designer.

Bulbgraph.pngIf no assembly is loaded yet, you can skip the Restart step

Video Tutorial

YouTube link for the video: