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  1. Get Familiar with Environment
    1. Managing Project Structure
    2. Toolbox
    3. Properties Window
    4. Message List
    5. Browse and Find types and members
    6. Project Properties
    7. Output Windows
  2. Creating a Rule Project
  3. Loading a Rule Project
  4. Managing versions and logic histories
  5. Automate Designer with Macros
  6. Defining Parameters
  7. Publish Profile
  8. Errors while running FlexRule Designer


Business language definition

Authoring Basics

  1. Entering logic in a Tree document
  2. Entering logic in a Diagram document
  3. Entering logic in a Table document - Decision Table
  4. Entering logic in Natural Language

Building Sample Data

  1. Visually (Data composer)
  2. Using procedural rules (Create a rule and that loads your data)


  1. Building a test case
  2. Running a test case or part of it
  3. Testing rules expressions syntax

Custom Attributes Manager

Document your decisions using Custom Attributes.

Custom Attributes Manager

Importing Decision Tables

This allows you to import Decision Tables from Excel

Import Decision Table


Referencing Assemblies

Use Project Properties


  1. Validating your rules for errors and conflicts
  2. Designer:Impact Analysis


  1. Introduction to debugging
  2. Debugging using Designer
  3. Debugging using code
  4. Debugging in Visual Studio
  5. Inspection Windows
    1. Parameters window
    2. Watch window
  6. Debugging Workflow


Notification Messages

  1. Resource Editor for Multilingual Messages
  2. Message Provider Extension

Web component editor

  1. Decision Table
  2. Natural Language
  3. Flow and Workflow

Publishing a Profile

  1. Creating and managing a publish profile
  2. Building deployment package from a logic document



Extensions Manager

Repository of online extensions


How to customize toolbox with your own tool set?

Extending Toolbox

Custom Deployment

Allowing the deployment files (i.e. Package, logic files...) be deploy to a custom location.

Deployment Extensions