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In this tutorial we are going to show you how to start debugging of a rule project:

Install Runtime

Make sure you have already installed the latest FlexRule Runtime from

Open sample project

When you have FlexRule Designer installed, it also installs couple of rule sample project. Run FlexRule Designer and then open project called Car Insurance using DMN.

Debugger Welcome.png

Click on the project.

If this is the first time you open the project and you have the FlexRule Runtime installed, there will be a window pops up to like the FlexRule Runtime to project:


Click Yes.

Open Debugging Macro

FlexRule Designer supports automation macro. Instead of you going to different windows in designer and select different option to accomplish a task, you can automate the process. Open Debug DRD from your project explorer by finding the file and double clicking on it.


Run Macro

When you run this macro, it will setup your FlexRule Designer and puts it in debugging mode. You can then navigate and debug your rule (DRD-With-Tree-NL.xml).


Start Debugging

Now the FlexRule Designer is in debug mode you can see the yellow highlight and yellow arrow in your model.


Start Navigation

Now you can use

  1. Toolbar
  2. F11 key
  3. Debug menu

to navigate the highlighting arrow


Opening Linked Models

When your model is linked to other models, and you are trying to navigate into the child model, FlexRule Designer will ask for a confirmation to open and navigate the child model in details. Or just execute it and does not go to child model details.


Note this window may go behind the actual FlexRule Designer main window sometimes. Look on your windows task bar.