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Debugging business logic (i.e., rules, decisions, flows, etc.) can be tough. You will need to have a better understanding of what is happening behind the scenes and the values that drive this behaviour.

Once logic is being executed, there is an execution content associated with it. This content holds many things and one of them is called Variable Container. A variable container is simply a container that holds all the variables, types, functions and parameters related to the execution. This variable container can be inspected using the Parameters Window during the debug session.


As you step into different stages of execution, the variable container will be updated and as a result the Parameters window will automatically show you the updated results.

The Parameters window allows you to expand the values and drill down to the details of objects when required. It shows the values in a tree in which each node can be expanded to view the details of each value:


The Parameters window provides a read only list to inspect Variable Container in the execution context.

Data Viewer

In the parameter window toolbox there is a magnifier icon:


This allows you to inspect data in a grid view with search and filter capability: