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Trial License

For FlexRule Designer and FlexRule Server you do not need any separate license downloader. The installation process will launch the wizard for downloading trial license. FlexRule Runtime is distributed as a NugGet package. Or when using FlexRule Designer you can follow Install Runtime for Designer guide.

License Downloader

If you need to download your license separately, without using the installer then the License Downloader will help you to retrieve your trial license from our server.

Please download the license registration utility that will download your trial license from our server. You can download the utility from link below:

After downloading, unzip and run the application called PliantFramework.LicenseRegistration.exe. Once you run it, you will see the first screen allowing you to select a product:


Select the product and the rest is similar to the instruction below. After installation is finished, you can save the license file locally on your compute.

Bulbgraph.pngFor for example to download the trial license for FlexRule Runtime you need to use License Downloader


When you have downloaded the installer packages from then you can install them by clicking on the executable (.exe) file. In the end of the installation process the following wizard will be lunched and take you through the licensing registration process and at the end of its simple steps your free licence will be downloaded and installed on your computer automatically.



The next step of wizard is asking you to provide your login information. These are your username and password that you signed up with FlexRule website during registration. If you do not have one, please click on "No account Click here?" link on this step and create one. If you don't know your password please click on "Recover Password" link.


Please make sure you enter your username in website not email address. If you have not created an account you can follow to signup for a new account.

Enter your user name and password and press "Next >"

Licence request information

In this step you will be asked to provide licence owner information. This is an important step and if you are having any technical questions afterward and contacted support team, these information will be required to assist.


Enter the information and press "Next >"

Product usage

In this step we ask you to give us a bit of information related your usage. How are you going to use our product? This information helps us to have a bit of context about what you are doing when you ask us to help you.


Enter the information and press "Next >"

Licence Agreement

This steps asks you to agree to not use the licence for production environment and use iot ONLY for evaluation purpose only. By checking the "I AGREE" check box you will be allowed to proceed to next step.


Tick the check box and press "Next >"

Downloading licence

This is the last step and allows you to download the licence from our servers. Press the "Download and Install" button on this step.


When the licence is generated successfully on your machine you will see the following dialog.


After that, you will have to save the licence files by clicking on 'Save License File'.

Trial License save button.PNG

It will show the location to save.

Trial License save location.png

Finally, it is saved successfully to the given location.

Trial License save success.PNG

Copy License Files

FlexRule Designer

The licence for FlexRule Designer is called 'flexrule.designer.license.lic'. When FlexRule Designer is installed, it will create a folder name 'Bin'. Copy 'flexrule.designer.license.lic' into the following path:

[DesignerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Designer\{version}\Bin\FlexRule.Designer.License.Lic

FlexRule Server

The licence for FlexRule Server is called 'flexrule.server.license.lic'. When FlexRule Server is installed, it will create 2 main folders 'ExecAgent' and 'Master' into the following paths:

[ServerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Server\{version}\ExecAgent\flexrule.server.license.lic
[ServerInstalledPath]\FlexRule Server\{version}\Master\flexrule.server.license.lic

FlexRule Runtime

The licence for FlexRule Runtime is called '(flexRule.license.lic)'. Follow this link to get the Runtime and define the Runtime license path.

At this point, all the required licences are downloaded and installed on your computer. You are also able to verify licences.